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Field Care
The quality of your trophy begins with you in the fields. 

Head and Neck shots should always be avoided whenever possible. Dragging and 4 wheelers are very detrimental on big game mounts in the shoulder areas as it removes top hair and hair completely from the shoulders.  

Birds should be shot with the smallest shot particles possible for the situation and species.  Birds should be frozen whole in plastic bags with sufficient protection for long tail feathers by carding them if necessary.  If you wrap each foot in a small wet paper towel and then wrap them with plastic wrap, they will stay perfect and in excellent condition for at least 10-12 months.  For wild turkey heads, wrap the head in a small wet wash cloth then in a small bag over the head, it will prevent freezer burn and moisture loss in the snood and wattles. Also, don't forget to do the feet. 
Wrapping: Never put a warm animal or skin in plastic bags as this will cause rapid bacterial growth resulting in loss of hair or feathers. Burlap bags are excellent in the field if you are in the high country and are away from a locker or meat processor.  It will allow air to circulate around your animal, let fluid escape and it will stay cool as well as keeping the flies off your trophy. North American shipments of salted, dried hide should be shipped in woven, burlap bags and put in boxes if necessary to allow fresh air in to help prevent spoilage.
Freezing: When putting these animals in the freezer, you should place the animal on a plastic bag so they won't stick to the freezer.  After the animal is frozen, then the animal can be placed into a bag and closed, but not before. Fish should be kept alive or on ice (not in ice water) until they can be wrapped in a wet towel or cloth and frozen in a plastic bag.
Shipping large animals: All large mammals should be professionally prepared for any shipping if necessary.  Even with the outfitted hunt, the trophies are yours and you should take personal interest in knowing that the animals are properly skinned, fleshed, salted with the lips, nose cartilage, tail split and ears turned properly. Undecided: If you are undecided before your hunt on what type of mount you want, have your trophy skinned for life-size mount.  The skin can be cut later for a shoulder mount with the back skins used for rugs, buck or pillows, etc. 
All animals should be tagged with hunters name, address, date taken, where it was taken and any conservation number required from state, providence and or country they were harvested.  Please don't hesitate to call before your next hunt.  It is always a good idea to be prepared.  The next animal may be the trophy hunt of your life time and it all starts in the field.
Good luck and shoot straight.


Ship frozen Items Monday next day air or second day air depending on temperature.
Ship parcel post, UPS, DHL  or Fed-Ex.
Newspaper  and paper towel  have good absorbancy properties. Use these items to wrap around frozen Items and put into plastic bags to prevent leakage . Tag each Item with hunter name address,tel/fax or contact number. Inside and out in packing list. These Item can be place in a inexpensive cooler. Seal all edges with duck tape .This will help prevent leaking, Use newspaper  to fill empty voids in cooler. Once packed cover cooler with card board box for labeling and shipping purposes. 

If shipping turkey from Mexico. Contact us before shipping.
Notify us before you ship . So we will be expecting your shipment.

African, Soviet Union Foreign Shipments & Shipping from Alaska
Trophies need immediate attention and should  consider having a taxidermy studio flesh and salt your valuable trophies so it can be shipped to us with no need of being frozen. 
You may have your Outfitter in Alaska ship them to D &C  along with instruction.
We recommend using D&C Expediters for a reputable facility to flesh and salt your trophies.
These trophies will be shipped to my tannery from D & C and then shipped directly to me for mounting,etc.
We can provide free tags for this service if hunting Alaska 

D & C Expediters
1200 East 76th Avenue, Suite 1228
Anchorage, AK 99518-3218
Telephone: 907-344-9719
          Cell: 907-441-2903 
Fax: 907-344-9068 
E-mail: tom@dandcexpediters.com 
Shean Hardesty

We have all clients shipments come directly to our tannery through Fauna & Flora CHB Co., INC. 
We provide free tags when hunting out of the U.S. Shipping tags need to be addressed as follows:

Please contact me for tags.

Hunter name:_________________________
Carolina Fur Dressing Co.
900 Freedom Drive
Raleigh, N. C. 27610
Phone:(919) 231-9933
Fax:     (919) 231-0741

c/o:  U.S.A. Clearing Agent
Fauna & Flora CHB Co., INC.
152-31 135th Avenue 
Jamaica, New York 11434
Contact: John Meehan
Tel: 718-977-7700
Fax: 718-977-8230

Velma Smith  c/o Smith Taxidermy
160 Smith Street
Calhoun, Kentucky 42327
Attention: Velma Smith

Smith Wildlife Artistry, LLC

160 Smith Street
Calhoun, KY 42327
Phone: 270-273-5995